Velkommen til vores luksus lejlighed nær Disney - Florida

There is lot of websites where you can find cheap flighttickets. You can fly to Tampa (1½ hour to the condo), Jacksonville (3 hours), Miami (4½ hours) and of course Orlando (45 min.).
Try f.ex. 
If you are flexibel about traveldate and the airport where you will be arriving, is there lots of money to save.

Renting a car:
There is differents car-hire service, f.ex.:
Its a good idea if you pay the car at the same time that you order it, because there is money to save here.

The passport must be machine readable.

In the United States they are using 110 volt alternating current in the switch and special plug and for that you need an adapter.

There is no vaccination for entry into the United States.

Travel insurance:
We recommend that it represents a good travel insurance so you are covered by sickness and the like.

The weather:

The sun shines all year round in Florida. The hottest period and the moisture in the summer season. March / April and October are good times to play golf in because it is not so hot. Airline tickets are cheap at this time of year. Summer season is ideal for a beach.
Require an international driving license in order to drive in the U.S..


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